About Us

Sivaji Brand Rice Established in 2000, we have a long heritage of expertise in servicing the Quality Rice industry in Tamil Nadu, India.

Sivaji Brand Rice are highly experienced in all aspects of Manufacturing, sales, marketing and distribution of our brands, private lable and food ingredients. We supply all leading multiple retailers, wholesales, independents, supermarkets, online stores. Siavji Brand Rice commercial office are based in Chennai and we have two manufacturing mill facilities in Chennai and Arani [thiruvanamalai Dist.,] of Tamil Nadu.

Sivaji Hitek Foods is one of the largest rice mills in the Tamilnadu, with a turnover more than INR150Crores

Our capabilities and knowledge mean we consistently produce the highest quality rice products for our Sivaji brand, own label customers, consumers and industrial customers.We always pride ourselves on the level of customer service and the quality of products we deliver to consumers and customers. Sivaji Brand Rice have all of the accreditations required for food sector.

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